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In a digital world, standing out from the competition remains a challenge that companies must face. To do this, it is essential to optimise the visitor’s experience on a website in order to satisfy them, to encourage them to come back again (and to avoid bounce rates). In this article, we will see what UX design really is and how to use this method in a functional way in the process of creating a website. 


User eXperience design is the idea that the user’s experience should be introduced throughout the website design process. 

The essential points 

Some key points to keep in mind : 

  • Experience is a psychological process that remains complex to interpret
  • Design is an iterative process. This means that for each step, it is necessary to generate back and forth changes 
  • The final product and therefore the customer’s demand must not be forgotten under the pretext that the method is focused on the user experience

Keys to success 

To carry out the project successfully, the UX designer will have to understand both the customer and the users. This is why a whole series of tools and methodologies are available to achieve this.

Firstly, we consider that there are three subjects of study : 

  • User : his motivations, his behaviors 
  • Content : text, image, video, data 
  • Context : the objectives of the project 

Secondly, the working process will have 4 main stages which will mix : 

  • Research 
  • Concept 
  • Prototype 
  • Design 

Thus, there are important steps to follow in order to understand the customer and the user. 

Regarding the methods for understanding the customer : 

  • Keep a specification 
  • Interview the stakeholders 
  • Create a workshop where everyone will describe their objectives and compare them to others 
  • Make an inventory and analysis of the content
  • Create a Business Model Canvas 

Regarding methods to understand the user : 

  • Studying web statistics 
  • Creating user tests 
  • Creating online surveys
  • Presenting brainstorming workshops 
  • Making field surveys 
  • Doing ethnographic research 
  • Producing focus groups 
  • Using card sorting to prioritize choices 
  • Developing « personas » : typical user files 

Here are all the steps to follow in order to carry out the UX design method. Our digital communication agency, Audineau Group, is at your disposal in Mérignac around Bordeaux. We can help you to create social networks and websites and we can help you to create you website while meeting your expectations. 

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