Tips for having a quality website

The presence of a website for a company will allow it to build or reinforce its institutional image. Thus, in a digitalized world, it is important to have one, but above all, a quality one… Moreover, Audineau Group, a digital communication agency located in Mérignac, near Bordeaux, takes care of social networks and websites in order to best meet your specific needs. In this article, we are going to see some tips for having a quality website. 

What is a website ? 

A website can be defined as a set of web pages linked together by hypertext links, accessible through the Internet using a web address (url) from the same domain name.

The different types of websites 

There are different types of websites : 

  • Transactional sites (Auchan) 
  • Relational sites (B to B)
  • Experiential sites (Barbie) 
  • Portal or media sites (Mattel) 
  • Social network of community sites (Facebook) 


A website is clearly the company’s « shop window ». Indeed, it defines and characterizes the image of the brand on which people base their opinions. For this reason, it must be attractive, effective and unique to prospects, customers and partners in order to increase its visibility, increase traffic and build loyalty. In addition, the name of the site is essential and must be evocative and memorable. 

The importance of the home page 

This is the page that must be the most successful of the whole site ! It must appeal to its target audience and encourage them to stay. Ultimately, it is the site’s identity photo : in the blink of an eye, the Internet user must find the informations he is looking for by visual recognition. This, in order to simplify access and reduce the number of clicks, it is necessary to display the maximum amount of relevant information above the waterline without prospects of customers having to scroll. 

Here are the different tips for having a quality website. For more information, Audineau Group offers training to help you create or improve your website. 

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