The interest of game contests on Instagram


The interest of game contests on Instagram

Today, social networks play an essential role in a company’s communication thanks to the number of users present on these platforms. Our company Audineau Group in Mérignac, near Bordeaux, intervenes in this context by proposing you to create or manage your social networks in order to increase the visibility and the notoriety of your brand. Instagram is one of the most important networks to have for a company because of its popularity. But what is the interest of game contests on Instagram that we see in our feed ? This article will answer your questions. 

What is a game contest ? 

It is a promotional animation technique that allows to animate the customer or prospect relationship, to work on the image of the brand, to pass on messages and essentially to collect profits from participants. 

What is the interest for a company ? 

The interest of a game contest for a company is to make itself known or to make a new product known. Indeed, it will enable it to gain new subscribers but also to generate « word of mouth ». In the long run, there will therefore be a clear improvement in brand awareness. 

Creating an effective game contest 

In order to obtain the expected results, it is important to target the type of game contest that you want to set up : 

  • Brand launch : welcome gift 
  • Exclusive partnership with another brand or with an influencer 
  • Event : 3-year anniversary of the brand or organisation of a pop-up store 
How it works ? 

In most cases, the contest works the same way : 

  • Like and comment the picture announcing the game contest
  • Identify people in comments 
  • Be subscribed to the organiser’s account 
  • Repost the photo in a story to have more chances to win 

Here is the interest of game contests on Instagram. Our company Audineau Group in Mérignac, near Bordeaux, is at your disposal to answer your questions and help you manage your social networks. 

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