The display role in digital marketing


The display role in digital marketing

What is display ? 

Display is nowadays an essential digital communication tool to increase the visibility and awareness of a brand and its website. Indeed, it consists in displaying on a website with high traffic (such as marketplaces or Youtube, social networks), an advertisement such as traditional banners or videos. Let’s take a closer look at the display role in digital marketing. 

Practical advice 

Some basic rules on the content and form of advertising content must be respected. In addition, e-advertising should cause as little disruption as possible to the website visitor and the achievement of user objectives. 

Types of online advertising 

There are different types of online advertising : 

  • Classic (advert broadcast without characteristics) : increase visibility and/or awareness
  • Geographic (advertising based on the geolocation of the Internet user, using his IP address) : obtaining qualified traffic 
  • Thematic (advertising according to the known characteristics of the Internet user) : also makes it possible to obtain qualified traffic 

Types of targeting 

There are different types of online targeting : 

  • Contextualized (advertising according to the immediate content provided to the user) 
  • Behavioral (advertising chosen by observing the user’s behavior over time)
  • Retargeting (if a user leaves an advertiser’s website, the advertiser can send a more or less personalized message on another website so that the user comes back to theirs)

The objectives of these different types of targeting for the advertiser are to have an efficient merchant system, limiting mass advertising investments. 

Advantages and disadvantages 

The advantages of display are : 

  • Visibility on high traffic sites is guaranteed 
  • A wide variety of advertising creations : videos, images, texts, sounds…
  • Geo-locatable display campaigns 

The disadvantages of display are : 

  • A very high cost 
  • Display not suitable for SMEs 
  • Clicks charged at CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand), so no guarantee of ROI (return on investment)
Format : 

There are two display formats : banners and instream/outstream videos. The instream corresponds to the ad integrated in a streaming video content and the outstream means that the ad is not integrated in a video content. Ideally, a video billboard (ad format also called pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll) should be 15 seconds long for a short editorial video and up to 30 seconds long for a longer editorial video, for example for a 2.5 minute video. 

Here is our article on the display role in digital marketing. In order to boost your notoriety and your visibility, do not hesitate to call upon Audineau Group, a communication and marketing agency. We are located in Mérignac, near Bordeaux. 

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