Setting up a mobile advertising campaign


Setting up a mobile advertising campaign

Launching advertising campaigns is essential for a company to stand out from the heavy competition on the market. In this context, the massive use of computers, tablets and smartphones is a major asset for a successful campaign. Our company Audineau Group, located in Mérignac near Bordeaux, intervenes in this field. Indeed, we are present to support you in the management and creation of social networks and websites. So, how setting up a mobile advertising campaign ? 


The primary objective of launching a mobile advertising campaign is to increase customer loyalty in a market full of offers. This will have an effect on your company’s reputation and image. In addition, the increase in website and point-of-sale traffic that these campaigns will bring should not be overlooked. In the end, these campaigns are synonymous with a race to recruit new customers… 

What prospects like and dislike… 

People prefer ads that : 

  • Have few words 
  • Are colorful (not garish or bland) 
  • Have attractive, appealing images 
  • Keep it simple and uncluttered 
  • Convey a single message 

Conversely, people do not like ads that : 

  • Flash in all directions 
  • Take up all the space 
  • Have lots of small text characters 

Mobile advertising formats 

Which media ? Mobile search engine, pondered links applied to mobile (geolocation), mobile sites, mobile applications, social networks 

Which formats ? Sponsored links (SEO, SEA), banners, interstitials (mobile and tablet interstitials), videos, native advertising 

Some further explanations 

The video format can take several forms :

  • Pre-roll (instream)
  • Mid-roll 
  • Intab Mobile (displacement and reduction) 
  • Infooter Mobile (dynamic format at the bottom of the page)
  • Inboard Mobile (at the top of a site to capture attention) 
  • Inread mobile (in the middle of the content, skippable, non-intrusive) 

Here are our various tips for setting up a mobile advertising campaign. Moreover, our agency Audineau Group located in Mérignac near Bordeaux remains at your disposal for a project of management and creation of social networks and website.

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