Emailing issues

In view of the increased global competition, it is essential for a company to use relevant marketing and communication strategies in order to be able to differentiate itself from others. Emailing is therefore an element to be used and has many challenges. Indeed, it consists of the distribution of a personalized electronic message to a targeted audience in order to present a company, a product or a service to prospects. 

What are the issues of your emails ? 

  • Developing your business (product promotion, events)
  • Improving your conversion rate (discount, vouchers, events)
  • Improving your image (new products, news) 
  • Keeping your customer file up to date (regular emailing, satisfaction surveys, etc…)

« It intervenes at all stages of the customer’s life cycle »

Email is used at all stages of the customer’s life cycle. It is also a tool particularly suited to multi-channel strategies : 

  • Prospecting for new customers 
  • Creating of traffic to a website 
  • Following-up Internet users who have visited a site 
  • Following-up Internet users who have abandoned a shopping cart without completing the purchase process 
  • Depending on the purchase history of an Internet user, access to certain promotions 
  • Creating loyalty  

The ROI, Return On Investment, of email campaigns 

It is calculated according to the number of emails sent, the number of emails delivered and the number of emails opened (calculation of the opening rate) 

Email personalisation 

Each email is personalized according to the knowledge acquired beforehand of the customer : behavior on the site, previous purchases, UGC (User Generated Content). Moreover, Amazon was the first to develop personalisation tools. 

Messages can be of several types. Indeed, there are transactional messages (order confirmation, messages linked to an action (welcome message following a registration or an offline), messages linked to an event (birthday). 

Some essential rules… 

The sender must be clear an explicit, the subject must be short (25 to 30 characters). In addition, the email must be simple, short and understandable, avoiding the scrolling of the page. As far as the legal notices are concerned, do not forget the rights to the files. And finally, follow up, crack your emails and analyse the results ! 

A digital communication agency like Audineau Group, located in Mérignac, near Bordeaux, is at your disposal to help you develop your strategies… 

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