Differences between website and mobile application


Differences between website and mobile application

There are several choices for consulting a website : on a computer, a tablet, a smartphone… depending on preference. Almost 50% of French people prefer smartphones to make a purchase. But what are the differences between website and mobile application ? We will learn more in this article. 

The mobile site 

A mobile site is an HTML site, accessible from a browser, specially designed (technically and graphically) to be accessible and optimized from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, navigation is usually tactile. 

Mobile applications 

A mobile application is software developed on the basis on an SDK (Software Development Kit) provided by the OS (Operating System) platform that distributes the application. In this way, an application is dowloaded via an application shop such as Apple Store (Apple) or Google Plat (Android). They can be free or paid depending on the case. 

Advantages and disadvantages of the two options 

Whether it is the website or the mobile application, both have advantages and disadvantages.

As far as the advantages are concerned, for the mobile application : 

  • More efficient (fixed interface, only loads data streams) 
  • Allows you to use all the features of the phone : photo, video, GPS, push 
  • Can be used offline (off stream) 
  • Possibility of monetizing the application 

For the mobile site : 

  • Customization according to the device and orientation optimized according to the way the user views the screen 
  • Unique URL for all devices which facilitates search engine optimization 
  • Easy modification of the content according to the size of the screen thanks to the HTML code which differs according to the terminal 
  • Faster changeover time 

As for the disadvantages, for the mobile application : 

  • Usually one application per system (Windows, Apple, Android), except Java High costs (several versions, licences for each store)
  • Complicated development and updates (compilation, several versions, validation for each store)

For the mobile site : 

  • Lower performance compared to a mobile application 
  • Complexity of content updates common to all versions 

This article answers your questions about the differences between website and mobile application. Are you interested in creating social networks and websites ? Contact Audineau Group, digital communication agency located in Mérignac, near Bordeaux. 

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