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Social networks are platforms that generate significant traffic. With certainty, it is relevant for a company to create advertising content on them because it represents an essential visibility lever. Our company Audineau Group located in Mérignac, near Bordeaux, supports you in the digitalization of your company. Indeed, we intervene in the management and creation of social networks and website. In this article, we will reveal how advertising on Facebook works. 

Facebook : personalised advertising 

Facebook is a social network that allows users to communicate and exchange around their interests. As a result, Facebook offers several types of advertising, but one of the most original is called « Social Ads ». An advertiser wishing to use Facebook’s « Social Ads » addresses it by specifying its target according to criteria that can be very precise : age, gender, location, specific interests. In this context, the advertiser suggests a text and an advertising link. Facebook takes care of displaying this information on the pages of Internet users that correspond to the advertiser’s desired profile. This is therefore personalised advertising on the site, the diffusion of which is controlled by Facebook, which indicates that no personal data is transmitted to advertisers. 

Location of ads on Facebook 

Facebook provides four ads locations : 

  1. News Feed 
  2. Right-hand column 
  3. News Feed of the Facebook mobile application 
  4. Recently, Facebook made it possible to display your ads on a network of partner mobile applications, the Facebook Audience Networks 

The different forms 

Advertising campaigns can take several forms : 

  • Display ads in the right hand column of the social network, with a larger size since April 2014 and the integration of an image (maximum size 1200 x 627 px) 
  • Sponsored posts, visible in the user’s news feed and written on the fan page 
  • Advertising videos, offered in a 15-second format in the user’s timeline. They start automatically without sound as soon as they appear on the screen and go to full screen with sound when the user clicks on them 

This is our presentation on advertising on Facebook. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our company Audineau Group located in Mérignac near Bordeaux. We are involved in the management and creation of social networks and websites. 

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